Helping Adults find balance!

Moving Tale educates adults.  Our adult yoga classes are rooted in the tradition of Hatha Yoga.  “Ha” represents the sun and “tha” represents the moon, and the practice of Hatha Yoga is to balance these two energies.  A Hatha Yoga class will typically involve a set of postures and breathing techniques practiced more slowly and with more static holds than perhaps a Vinyasa flow.  These Hatha Yoga practices create a change.  They can change how we feel not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.  We begin to feel more connected and engaged with the world we live in.


Although our classes are called “gentle”, the postures build balance, strength and flexibility in both body and mind. We offer a very unique class. We work as a tandem team, as it is difficult for one teacher to instruct, demonstrate and assist a whole class.  We are passionate about sharing yoga and want everyone to benefit, therefore we work together to bring you the best experience possible.

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2017 - 2020

Melanie Moyer and Kathe Hudson  

Moving-Tale, LLC