We    L O V E    sharing story and yoga....

Are YOU ready for a yoga storytelling adventure? 


Moving Tale enchants kids with an adventure that awakens curiosity about the world while using elements of yoga for a unique interactive experience. We offer fun filled 45 minute Yoga Storytelling presentations for schools, libraries and special events!


We promote literacy skills through the art of oral storytelling; engaging children ages 5-11 with light-hearted adaptations of wisdom stories from around the world.


Yoga brings the story alive; it is both interactive and theatrical. Children are delighted to become the tree, the fish, or the eagle in the story. Storytelling and yoga unite the logical and creative sides of the brain. Integrating left brain and right brain activity strengthens neural pathways responsible for memory, imagination, and learning.    


Through multicultural folktales and creative storytelling kids learn character education as listening and literacy skills are developed. These learning experiences become the building blocks that will serve children throughout life.







With the magic of story and the wisdom

of yoga   let the adventure begin!​



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Melanie Moyer and Kathe Hudson  

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