Sharing Story and Yoga with Sassy Seniors!

MovingTale entertains seniors restoring a joy of life. We offer 30 minutes of fun filled Chair Yoga instruction in assisted living facilities.

We are passionate about sharing yoga to promote health and well-being and are dedicated to creating an accessible class for seniors of all levels. Three things the body loses as we age are posture, joint mobility and muscle strength. Yoga can help seniors keep what they have not yet lost and restore what has been lost along the way.

Gentle Chair Yoga is our specialty for assisted living facilities, offering a safe alternative for yogis of all levels. We are a tandem team having found it advantageous to have one instructor available to offer assistance if needed. In addition, two teachers allow for twice the interaction!  Our classes are engaging as well as therapeutic.

2017 - 2020

Melanie Moyer and Kathe Hudson  

Moving-Tale, LLC